Compagnie Auguste-Bienvenue

Compagnie Auguste-Bienvenue

Traces : the press is talking about it !





"The room is dark and quiet. The set presents a jumble of objects and creates various spaces which refer to particular atmospheres. It is a place of an unspecified choice between microcosm and macrocosm. This setting in space represents the first step of a ritual of seeing in detail into real life. Indeed, as in patchwork (a mosaic), ill-matched elements of our daily environment (fabric, powder, fabrics…) are juxtaposed there.  The Lighting comes back little by little. On the stage, one can see two men. The one, the tallest, is stripped to the waist. The other wears a vest. They are standing at the left and right sides of the stage. One can hear them breathe loudly. As the room is lighting up more and more, they come closer and closer. Suddenly, as if they were shaken by an electric shock, they start performing great acrobatics. They are now in the middle of the stage. The music accompanies their steps. Those are carried out rapidly. The dancers arch themselves back. The music becomes louder and louder and their steps increasingly wild. There is an harmony between the rhythm and the movements of their bodies. This play on the bodies, the space and the light lets foresee a melting work. This is how Traces can be seen’’.



Arsene Flavien BATIONO, "`` Traces' ' communion of body and spirit ". L’événement, number 125 of October 10, 2007.

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