Compagnie Auguste-Bienvenue

Compagnie Auguste-Bienvenue

Tourments Noirs (Black Torments)

The show

Tourments Noirs (Black Torments) is a solo show which uses the speeches of the Burkinabe revolutionary President Thomas SANKARA to raise the issue of the Black conditions in today's globalization situation as well as the thorny one of the African continent development.


Should we keep our identity or should we leave it for an unknown one? What is to be done in order to allow Black men to get their position back among the people of the whole world? What must be done so as to help Africa take the right way leading to its development? These are so many questions which hurt, worry and…torment!


The right thing to be done, as President SANKARA asserts, "…we must accept to live like Africans. This is the only way to live and be free and worthy". This is also the very only way to evolve towards better living conditions of African people and towards a sustainable development of Africa.


Experiencing moral and physical violence due to the fact that I am…Black…this is both a word loaded with its meaning and a being loaded with its history.

Today, the world has evolved towards globalization in which life is characterized by a duality comprised between original identity and modern evolution. A world made up of several Black generations daily emerges…and is still emerging.

I will invite the speech, the tales and the legends of these generations who crossed and lived throughout centuries so that they tell these Black legends in relation with the present, the future…

It's just the search for the calming of this being, of his inner torments.


The residency

-          From February 9 2009 to April 1 2009, Centre de Développement Chorégraphique La Termitière (C.D.C., Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso) ;

-          From May 12 to May 16 2009, CCN de Nantes (France;

-          From May 18 mai to June 2009, CNCDC de Châteauvallon (France.

Selling conditions

Participants on tour (2 persons)

Ø  1 Choreographer/dancer : Auguste OUEDRAOGO (from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso)


Ø  1 Technician: Kassi Kassoum MAIGA (from Paris, France, for tours in Europe and elsewhere) or Wend-Nonga SOUBEIGA (from  Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, for tours in Africa)


Lodging, Transport (train and/or plane ticket, visa, insurance) and expenses:  chargeable to the organizers.




Artistic interventions in African traditional and contemporary dance are possible.

The schedule of performances

   Ø  March 10, 2012, Targon (France), as part of festival Comment Dire;

  Ø  September 21, 2011, Arcachon (France), as part of the 3rd edition of Engagement Féminin project;

Ø  June 5, 2010, Place d'Abando, 18h, Bilbao(Spain), during the festival « Africa Vive »;


Ø  May 22, 2010, Gare d'Estocha, 19h, Madrid (Spain), during the festival « Africa Vive »;


Ø  May 18, 2010, Hangar 23, Rouen (France) ;


Ø  March 24, 2010, Carré des Jalles, in the framework of OuagaSession, Bordeaux (France) ;


Ø  June, 16 to July 4, 2009, Le Tarmac de la Villette, Paris (France);

Ø  June 13, 2009, Festival Les Connivences, Nantes (France) ;


Ø  April 11, 2009, Festival Plein Sud, Cozes (France);

Ø  April 2 & 3, 2009, Choreographic Development Centre La Termitière, Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).

 Photo by Nestor DA

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