Compagnie Auguste-Bienvenue

Compagnie Auguste-Bienvenue

Buudu (The Dream of the People)

Presentation of the show

Bûudu means in Moaga traditional language, the Family, the Community, the Ethnic group and the People.

Bûudu pays homage to Life.

It is the critical glance of a people on his myths, his habits and his beliefs. 

The critical glance of the time going on gently without any apparent change. 

The fear of a growing anger that one feels coming slowly, without glare, but still threatening.

Bûudu is the report of the heavy inherited tradition, as well as the report of the time always changing. The slowness of the gestures, the symmetry of the bodies, and the intensity of silences give to the dance all its solemnity. There is also the obligation of staying united in order to exist as well as the need for union in order to give testimony.  

Bûudu must be the thought of my people on what he was, on what he is, before thinking about what he must become. I wanted to talk about Bûudu, I would rather say we wanted to dance Bûudu, to allow you to see and accompany us for a while in this enthralling and highly emotional human adventure. 



Technical index card

Ø      Choreography: Auguste OUEDRAOGO;         


Ø      Assistants: Bienvenue BAZIE and Wilfried SOULY;


Ø      Performers: Auguste OUEDRAOGO, Bienvenue BAZIE and Boukson SERE;                      

Ø      Music: Percussion by Mamadou KIENOU Flute by Bailoh BAH;       


Ø      Duration: 45 MN;

Ø      Light creation: Thierry BAMBARA;

Ø      Photographer: Antoine TEMPLE ;            


Ø      Support: l' AFAA, le centre culturel français Georges Méliès de Ouagadougou, la compagnie Salia nï  Seydou et KAZY'S design de Martine SOME.

Conditions of sale

Ø        Participants on tour (6 persons)

1 Choreographer/dancer : Auguste OUEDRAGO

2 dancers:  Bienvenue Fernand BAZIE and Boukson SERE

1 musician:  Mamadou KIENOU

1 light manager:  Wend-Nonga SOUBEIGA

1 Administrator: François BOUDA.

Ø      Lodging, Transport (train and/or plane ticket, visa, insurance) and expenses:  chargeable to the organizers.

Ø      Possibility of making Workshops: 

Possibility of artistic interventions in traditional and contemporary African dance.



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